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Our Vision

The staff supports the belief that every student can be proficient in academic areas. There is an underlying philosophy of support for the individual - understanding his/her talents, interests, constraints, and goals.  The administration, counselor, dean, teachers, parents, and support staff focus on helping all students reach their potential.

Our Mission

The principles that guide the day-to-day functions of a school should remain vibrant and flexible. They should be a solid foundation which keeps the institution true to its goals and purposes.

The Franklin Learning Center supports the idea that every student can achieve competence. Students progress at a rate commensurate with ability levels within the guidelines as determined by the teacher. This rate may be faster or slower than one credit per subject per month.

We continually work with our students in an attempt to achieve proficiency and success; the student has not failed but only has not yet mastered the subject matter. There is an underlying philosophy of support for the individual - understanding his or her problems, constraints, and goals, and attempting to ameliorate a situation which can be improved.

The administration, the teaching staff, and the counseling staff focus on helping the student reach his or her goal and full potential. This includes:

  • Being prepared in reasoning and communication skills to succeed in a highly technical post-secondary environment.
  • Being prepared for college or post-secondary education.
  • Being prepared for employment.
  • Developing self-discipline to achieve.
  • Developing tolerance to succeed in a multi-cultural democratic society.
  • Developing proactive citizens who are able to make necessary changes for an improvement of our living conditions.

In order to accomplish the above, we recognize that opportunities must be built into the program for students to:

  • Work cooperatively with one another and their teachers.
  • Use technology as a learning tool in their quest to achieve the exit standards of the secondary school.
  • Utilize problem solving skills and work on project oriented activities.
  • Engage in a curriculum rich in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary material.